Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mid month checks

Had an average nights sleep last night and then woke up this morning to the sound of Formula 1 cars. I thought the garage next door to our house must of had it on tv but when I got out of bed realised it was the cars getting ready for the Melbourne Grand Prix just down the road in Albert Park. Looks like there will be a few early morning wake ups the next few days!

I checked my balance after my session yesterday to find out how I'm doing for the month and it wasn't good news. I'm down $3000 for March so far. I'm running $6500 below EV (expected value). It's frustrating because I should be up $3500 for the month according to how I have played and got the money in. Poker is a game of skill and luck. The luck is what brings the bad players back as they can beat anyone on any day which is great. However the downside means as a good winning player you can have losing days, weeks and even months. It just means that I just have to keep up the hard work and keep playing winning poker and the results should work out. I normally run well over EV so I can't cry about it as I have been due a bad patch in the long run.

I'm currently on a $9000 down swing from my peak. I'm down 35 buy ins from a combination of 200NL and 400NL. I think this has got to be up there as my biggest down swing. It's annoying as I have finally reached a point in my poker career where I have started to work hard. I'm learning so much though and hopefully I will be a better player for this. Yes I have tilted a bit and spewed off some money but I feel I have dealt with it quite well and could have been much worse. I have probably said this before but I was chatting to the White Knight the other day and he reminded me of a good point. It is how you deal with the bad times as a professional that is most important, anyone can win but not everyone can handle losing correctly. I took my break and I am now back into a good daily routine for poker.

I get up and play my 3 or 4 hours in the morning and then quit and stick to this everyday. I have watched a ton of good bluefire poker videos and I am working very hard to improve my game. I still have ups an downs everyday which you will always get with poker but I'm feeling really good about things now. I have a very positive attitude to each session and look forward to try and play my very best each day now. Today I played a solid session of poker. I made a few mistakes towards the end of the day making some marginal calls not giving people credit but I played much better on average the whole session which I'm really pleased about. I have played 60 hours so far this month. I'm going to try and get around 100 hours of play in by the end of the month, which should be easy.

I also find the music I listen to during my sessions has definitely had an influence on my mood while I play. I've been getting into Muse in a big way, always seem to be crushing when I'm listening to them. I'm currently downloading Annie Mac presents now so I will have plenty of good listening over the next few sessions. I'm going to do some downloading over the next few days so if anyone has some good grind music suggestions please send them my way. Big fan of this tune at the moment: Garden by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

I will be absolutely clucking if I can turn this month around and make it into profit. There's a fair way still to go and I'm playing well so I've got a good feeling about things. I'm Castor Troy.....wahhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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